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A balsam which provides immediate relief and freshness to sensitive or irritated scalps. Contains a plant-based active ingredient which regulates the pH of the scalp, repairing its barrier function and producing a decrease in the reactivity and sensitivity of the skin.

Also contains calendula extract, which moisturises and soothes irritation. Rinsing not required. Non-greasy texture.


Apply to sensitive or irritated areas and rub in gently after using Vigorance Sensitive Scalp Shampoo.


Plant-based active ingredient which acts on the skin pH’s inner control mechanism, repairing the barrier function and producing a decrease in the skin’s reactivity and sensitivity.

CALENDULA EXTRACT: Healing effect on damaged or sensitive skin, providing hydration and reducing irritation.

ALOE VERA: Anti-inflammatory and healing action.

SILK PROTEINS: Their moisturising properties make them very suitable for deeply hydrating the hair fibre.

Available in 50 ml.