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A styling cream which provides curl control and definition. Adds shine and a soft feel by conditioning the hair, especially at the ends.

The product’s composition makes it easy to thoroughly apply, forming a fine film that improves combing, shine and softness, but without a greasy feel. Defines the hairstyle naturally, reducing frizz even in humid conditions, preventing the hair from becoming dry and brittle. Acts as a thermal protector against the use of dryers or curling irons. Contains a wetting agent, which prevents the hair from losing moisture, improving hydration.


Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair for disciplined control.


A combination of various silicones which make it easy to apply thoroughly and form a fine film that improves combing, providing shine and softness.

A combination of fixing polymers which absorb moisture from the atmosphere and provide shine and a better appearance for the hair fibre.

Disponible en 200 ml.