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COLOR UP TO SHINE: New treatment of color demipermanente gel tone to tone. Provides color, shine and smoothness to hair. Ammonia free coloring. Does not lighten hair. PH Acid: contributes density and brightness to the color.


Special developer of the Up to Shine collection with a low concentration of peroxide (2%).
CRYSTAL GLOSS REPAIR: Non-pigmentable gel that can be used alone (1: 1 with Color Booster) to brighten or dilute the density of letter tones.

Protective Microemulsion Color:

Protects hair from washing, while providing extra shine to hair. It acts as a thermal protector.
High-Efficiency Conditioners: Provides smoothness and silkiness to the hair, improving wet and dry combability. They prevent frizz.


Before using the Crystal Gloss, it is important that you know that it is advisable to apply Up To Shine for 20 minutes. However, if what we are looking for is to cover the first few hairs without altering the natural color of the hair, then it would be advisable to let it act for another 10 minutes, arriving in half an hour. If we want the product to penetrate to perfection, it is important that we remove the moisture from the hair before applying the color. As with any other coloring product, it is advisable to perform previous allergy tests and to use gloves. Gel without pigmentation that can be used only

1: 1 with Color Booster with which you will get an extra shine or you can dilute the intensity of the letter tones. Just apply Cristal Gloss to get an intensive treatment of repair, hydration and extra shine.


Available in 100 ml.