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A perm and neutraliser kit with varying degrees of action which adapts to each person’s hair, whether it be difficult, normal or dyed hair. Achieves a vibrant, soft and long-lasting curl and total protection for the hair.

Available in three strengths (0) strong, (1) medium (2) soft, depending on the type of hair and the desired result.


Wash with mild shampoo and thoroughly dry with a towel. Using gloves, apply the product with the usual technique ensuring that it does not drip on the scalp or skin.

Exposure time depends on the desired curl (5 to 20 min). Rinse thoroughly for at least 5 minutes with warm water, dry thoroughly with a towel and then neutralise.

After using Ondasilk, thoroughly saturate with Neutraliser and leave for 10 minutes of exposure. Remove the curlers and repeat the saturation process. Leave for 5 minutes of exposure. Rinse thoroughly.


HYDROLYSED PROTEINS: Contribute to the protein balance of the hair, binding to the keratin and repairing damaged areas. Restructure the hair fibre, cleaning the hair from root to tip.

Available in 80 + 80 ml.