Line consists of 6 masks: copper, red, violet, platinum, gold and brown.
Balms that revive and / or color tint. They maintain the intensity of the colors for a longer time and intensify the reflections, allow to obtain chromatic reflections.



HYDRATAN in depth, ACONDICIONAN and ILUMINAN, acting from the interior. Thanks to its active (quaternized silicone microemulsion), it improves combability and softness in both wet and dry conditions.
Its properties and assets, PROTECT the hair and wrap it in a microfilm of brightness, which makes it protect the loss of color. They act as a thermal protector.
It achieves a RECHARGE of luminosity to the color, to create vibrant colors or to realize contrasts of color and unique reflections.


On washed hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. It is advisable to use gloves during application.

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