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Provides shine, body and volume to straight, unresponsive hair. Contains soy protein, which strengthens the hair fibre, and quaternised wheat protein, which provides vigour and texture. Silicone free.


Apply evenly to wet hair and rub in gently for 2–3 minutes.



Quaternised wheat protein: Provides the hair with high substantivity, improving its manageability, texture, combability when wet or dry, and shine. Contains a cysteine amino acid which can form divalent bonds with the S-S bonds of the hair’s keratin, providing durable conditioning especially in damaged or chemically-treated hair. Not cumulative on the hair.

Soy protein: Contains a balanced composition of peptides, amino acids and mineral salts which strengthens the hair fibre providing the small peptides and amino acids necessary for the synthesis of keratin.

Available in 250 ml and 1000 ml.